About Us


Digitalsellz offers the easiest and cheapest way to sell your digital files online. We accept all types of digital goods including Apps, eBooks, Software, Music, and Videos, you can sell any kind of digital product on our site. We are here to facilitate your needs and connect you to prospective buyers without having to pay a fortune for it. Our users save time and effort of having to go to a retail shop, and we make their goods available instantaneously.  We are very cheap, fast and secure.


We provide you with an incredibly user friendly interface to connect you to your prospective buyers directly within the shortest time possible. Provided you have any product that can be delivered digitally, you can rest assured that we will help you sell it. Our site is seamlessly integrated with Stripe and PayPal, This are the world’s most popular payment systems and other payment methods are coming in the future. Selling on our site is incredibly easy as you just need to register for an account, upload the file/ files you need to sell, include some product details, price your product and then start selling it right away.


At Digitalsellz, we are determined to help you get your digital content to your audience and we do this simply by using a link. Your customers can automatically download the products they have purchased from our platform without the need to download or install anything. And while providing you with all these, we guarantee you that your files are hosted securely and no one can access them rather than the intended buyer. If it can be downloaded online, then you can sell it with us. You can forget about having to sign any contracts or having to pay any upfront fees as we are very sure that you really don’t need all these. Our aim is to make the selling process as simple as possible. While we provide you with an awesome platform to sell your digital files, you will need to promote your products as well to boost their salability.


Our highly experienced team of professionals will take care of all the hassles such as file storage, processing the payment and delivering the product to the buyer automatically. So, once you upload your product, you can leave the rest to us and we will handle it to your satisfaction. We have helped many people make money in the past by offering a fast, reliable way of selling their digital files and we can still do it for you.

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