What is Digitalsellz?

DigitalSellz is an official Stripe and PayPal Partner. Stripe and PayPal are trusted, safe, buying environment with free Buyer Protection that allows you to pay for your digital goods using a variety of methods such as credit or debit card (without having to register with Stripe or PayPal). The platform allows you to sell & buy your digital goods to customers on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or even your Website.


What can I sell?

You can sell anything that you have made on Digitalsellz. If you can upload it on the site, then you can sell it. Such include scripts, plug-in, videos, songs, photos and other downloadable things.


Where can I sell my products?

After you have successfully created your product, we will send you a unique ‘buy now’ link for your file. To sell your product, just share the link on other sites and platforms like Facebook or Twitter. It is also possible to embed ‘buy now’ buttons either on your website or blog and you can then start selling your product easily from there.


How do I get paid?

Upon completion of a sale, your funds will be remitted to your Stripe and/or PayPal account directly.


What is the maximum number of products that I can sell through Digitalsellz?

Digitalsellz offers users unlimited bandwidth and this means that you can upload and sell as many products as you want without any limitations.


Are there limitations on file storage and bandwidth?

Digitalsellz guarantees users unlimited storage for their products as well as unlimited bandwidth upon registration. For larger files, we only allow a maximum of 2GB and you should check that your upload is not larger than this.


Are my products secure from unauthorized access?

Digitalsellz stores files on a super secure cloud drive and the only person who can access your product is the buyer and this is upon completion of the purchase. Download links sent to buyers are only active for five attempts only after which they are deactivated to ensure that they are not shared around.


What is the price for Digitalsellz services?

Registering as a user at Digitalsellz doesn’t attract any upfront fees or subscription fees. We only charge a small fee of 3% per every transaction on top of the fees that Stripe and/or PayPal will charge you. Our pricing page has more information regarding our charges.


How can I add products to my account?

The process is quite simple; you simply navigate to the user’s control panel where you can add the product you want to sell by dragging and dropping it. After the Multipart upload is complete, specify the product’s name, price it, give info regarding discounts if you wish to offer any and include your Stripe and/or PayPal account. When finished, we will send you the HTML code link of your button.


How can I upload multiples files to one file?

You can easily compress multiple files to create one file. To get more information about file compression, please visit http://www.wikihow.com/Compress-Large-Files.


How can I sell products that can be used once?

We have an option call "Take down after sell" this option will take down your product automatically after a sell. This is useful for promotions that last only once.


How the Product download page works?

After buying a product your client can download their purchase to his Hard Drive or Dropbox Account.


Are there limitations on file storage and bandwidth?

Currently, you can now upload files up to 2GB. However, soon we will support more then 2gb per file.


How to add Youtube, Vimeo or Soundcloud media on product page?

In order to be able to add YouTube, Vimeo or Soundcloud media on the product page, you just need to copy link to Youtube, Vimeo or Soundcloud media, you want to add to your page.

Next you paste your link, into “Product preview” field, while editing your product at Digitalsellz.

Remember to push the ‘Update product’ button in order to save your changes. Your product page now has video or song automatically embedded and this will assist to increase your sales.


How do I add Stripe and/or PayPal to your payment options?

You can add your Stripe and/or PayPal account in Payment options page by clicking "Save" button.


Does the customer go directly to a download page or is he emailed a link to the download page?

We use both methods. After buying a product your client will be redirected to the download page and a download link will be sent to the customer email account.

You can customize this message at Mail Customization


Free of ads and affiliate programs?

Yes we are free of ads and affiliates. Mainly because for some people (third party users) affiliates can be seen as Spam and that is why we don't use them. 

We encourage our users to share their own products in their own business channels.


Are you having problems uploading or downloading products?

Digitalsellz works best with the following Desktop browsers:


Some smartphone or Tablet may experience downloading problems. If you do please try using the option "Save Link as.." over the "Download Product" button.


I can't change my PayPal account.

When you change your PayPal account for the second time, you will receive an email confirmation. This is done for security reasons and it is the only way to change your PayPal account.


Resolving errors with PayPal account

i. "Account your-email@example.com isn't confirmed by PayPal"
To resolve this, you need to log into your PayPal account and confirm your info.


ii. "The receiver your-email@example.com does not accept payments in this Currency"
According to PayPal requirements, you must have a balance in the same currency that you are selling the product. You can add additional currency balances in your PayPal account settings.


Adding Currency Balances:

1. Log in to your PayPal website at www.paypal.com. The My Account Overview page opens.
2. Click the Profile subtab. The Profile Summary page opens.
3. In the Financial Information column, click the Currency Balances link. The Manage Currencies page opens.
4. Select a currency name from the Select new currency drop-down menu and click the Add Currency button. The Manage Currencies page confirms that you added a currency balance and displays it in the Currency list.


iii. "Account your-email@example.com is restricted"
You should check Digitalsellz’s settings that your PayPal email address is correct. Maybe use other PayPal email address or payment method.


iiii. "The primary receiver is based in a country that isn’t enabled to send payments using balance”
It means that you are based in a country where PayPal does not support payments using balance. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do from our side as it’s a PayPal restriction for your account. Sorry!


How to install Digitalsellz ‘Buy Now’ button on your website?

i. Open your Digitalsellz dashboard and click on “My products” link in left navigation menu, and click on product buy now link in order to open product edit screen.

ii. Select whether you want this button opening modal window directly on your website, or you want that buyer will be redirected to Digitalsellz’s product page. Then you just need to copy code from the text field and paste it into your website.

iii. If you want to create a custom button instead of Digitalsellz buy now button, you need to customize the code you receive from our page.

You need to add a special class to your link – “Digitalsellz-buy-button-custom”.

You can put any image, link, button, etc..as your buy now button. In that way you can create a better user experience, creating button design that fits your website design.


If I don't have Stripe or PayPal account can I buy products?

Yes, of course, If you don't have a Stripe or PayPal account, you'll be automatically redirected to a secure page in Digitalsellz checkout where you can enter your credit card information. 


How can i get my money out of Stripe or PayPal ?

After selling a product on Digitalsellz, your money will be deposited into your Stripe and/or PayPal account. To get your money out of Stripe or PayPal you can transfer the money directly to a bank account, if you have PayPal you can send you a check or request a PayPal debit card to withdraw funds from your PayPal balance.


More questions?

For any other questions or queries, please contact us on our contact page.