The Money Burner's Manual [2nd Edition PDF]


A GUIDE TO RITUAL SACRIFICE WARNING - This book may increase your propensity to burn money. Prior to the existence of The Money Burner's Manual there were no mass ritualized money burnings. Since the first 23 copies of the first edition were given away, there have been (as of May 2017) three public burns where £1000's have gone up in smoke. Why didn't they give it to Charity? Why didn't they give it to me? The Manual explains why ritual sacrifice is the ultimate moral and spiritual action and why money makes the perfect sacrificial victim. The Money Burner's Manual is both invocation and treatise. The conscious sacrificial act of money burning is the axis upon which the author's life turns. The *doing* of nothing - the deliberate creation of nothing from something - resets our connection with reality at some otherwise unknowable metaphysical substrata. It is not so much that this has direct effects, more that it simply changes everything and throws off a clustering of synchronicitious events around each re-enactment. The in-depth academic consideration of what money is and how 'economic thought' pervades knowledge, serves to provide the reader both with intellectual rigor and, perhaps more importantly, something to hold onto once the magic starts to happen. The Money Burner's Manual promises you absolutely NOTHING. Or, at least, as close to absolute nothingness as you can get. By taking apart the symbolism and meaning of the money burning taboo, the Manual seeks to give the reader a new understanding of NOTHINGNESS - the ultimate reality. Key here is to acknowledge, in the words of Georges Bataille, that sovereignty is NOTHING; that everything you feel and know at your most intimate level of being, was born of nothing and will return to nothing. Making *an experience* of nothingness (i.e. money burning) the central ritual of your life is about connecting yourself to the totality of existence.

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