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The Assessing Art without levels Ebook is a comprehensive guide to assessing art to the new requirements. It tells you what the DfE and Ofsted say you should do and what the NAHT recommend. You don't need this if you buy the Art Teacher's Handbook!! It shows you what to look for when assessing art, how to monitor pupils progress easily and effectively in the classroom and how to help pupils understand what they need to do to improve without it being a burden on the teacher. It also contains an editable progression list of skills, techniques and knowledge targets that are fully illustrated with examples of pupil's work in each year. It contains a Baseline Benchmarking test and also a Progress Steps Word document that you can edit to create simple progress steps and success criteria for self-assessment. Contains: a Pdf ebook and supporting files as Word docs for you to edit. Pupil-friendly progress targets for year 7, 8 and 9, A display poster for your classroom, Progress Steps Word Doc, Guidance on measuring and recording progress, Help on developing learning steps, Applying grades, Providing feedback, Summative & Formative reporting, Art examples of what you should assess, GCSE art assessment Template and much more!

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