Different Approaches to making art


Developing exciting, interesting art, craft and design activities is always difficult. Making them educational and informative is even harder. Whenever I study traditional art lessons in schools I invariably see similar, linear (teacher led) approaches to making art used again and again. By approaches I don't mean what type of art material pupils use but the way in which the art activity is delivered. Restricting the approaches to making art limits your pupil's cognitive creativity; their ability to think of and create exciting art in a variety of ways. Well it doesn't have to be like that! Whatever phase of art you teach at, these exercises will help redefine and refocus your art practice. This eBook is a series of 12 art and design approaches that have been designed to show you how to create new, or adapt existing art themes into alternative ways to approach art. It explains each approach clearly and gives simple examples of what they mean and how to apply them. Armed with this knowledge you will be able to more easily adapt an existing art activity, project or topic into a much more relevant learning process. You should gain a clearer understanding of how to make your art lessons fun, thought provoking, engaging and interesting.

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