At Digitalsellz, security is one of the major considerations in what we do. We are determined to make the process of selling digital files online as secure as possible by providing you with a reliable, secure solution. Digitalsellz was built to keep sellers and buyers secure and as a pioneer of digital files selling online, we have deployed a wide range of sound security measures. As such, you can focus your attention fully on maximizing your earnings without having to worry about being insecure in any way.


To start with, our secure file storage guarantees all users of our services that the products they upload on our site are completely secure and cannot be accessed by any unauthorized person. Once you create a product with us, we will provide a unique download link which can only be sent to the buyer and after completing the payments accordingly.


Our download links can not me manipulated in any way and you can rest assured that your products are completely safe with us. Digitalsellz facilitates payments via Stripe and PayPal which are the world’s most secure online payment platforms. If you opt to use a credit card for making your transactions on our site, we have put in place sound measures to help fight identity theft and help prevent fraud.


All the products that are hosted on Digitalsellz are hosted on the super secure, robust cloud based storage and you surely don’t have to worry about security. Our aspiration is to be the leading and most secure digital products selling platform that people can completely trust and have faith in.


Digitalsellz believes in strong security as we understand that this the only way to create a fair playground for everyone involved. Whether it is about securing your transactions or ensuring that your goods are not downloaded illegally, keeping you secure and safe is always our concern and we will never compromise on it.


If you believe you have found a security vulnerability on please report it here, we encourage you to let us know right away. We will investigate all legitimate reports and do our best to quickly fix the problem.