By agreeing to use the services provided by Digitalsellz, Inc. you agree to these terms highlighted here below. Upon acceptance of these terms and conditions, you will become the user and Digitalsellz will provide you with the services availed as described on the website. Your access to our site is based on the condition that you accept and comply with all the terms and conditions provided here in. Upon registering on the site, your registration can only be confirmed after accepting the terms. These terms are a contract between a business and a business and as such, the customer isn’t applicable between users and Digitalsellz.


Goods and services or generally the products sold via Digitalsellz will be delivered automatically via this site. Users can only sell intellectual properties which they own the rights of. This shall include any works, designs, inventions, software, documents and other non-material assets that the user of the site has a right to distribute. This means that before you sell any digital file on Digitalsellz, you shall have intellectual property rights to it, in one of the many forms including patents, trademarks, right to inventions and other similar rights that can prove ownership of the product.


While Digitalsellz has an obligation of providing you will all the services promised here-in during registration, the site can also terminate your user account without prior notice if you engage in any activities that are against our terms and conditions. By acceptance of the terms, you agree that you will use your account solely and that you shall maintain the usernames and logins securely. You are liable for any actions resulting from a third person using your site. You must be of maturity age to create an account with us and you should engage only in activities that do not infringe any of our terms and conditions.


By using the services offered by Digitalsellz, the user agrees to pay a 3% fee per every transaction facilitated through the site. This amount shall be deducted immediately from your account based on the actual price of the product. By using Digitalsellz, the user expressly agrees that this fee shall not be refunded in any situation. Digitalsellz reserves the right of changing the fee as deemed necessary without seeking the consent of the seller.


Upon signing up, a user is guaranteed unlimited bandwidth and can sell as many goods as they want without any limitations. Goods can be sold in any quality and format provided it is distributable digitally. However, Digitalsellz recommends that all products uploaded should have a good description in order to help customers make educated decisions when making their purchases.


Digitalsellz is fully committed to ensuring that your information and products uploaded are secure. We have put in place super secure procedures that aim at preventing any unauthorized disclosure or access to users information/ product.


Without limiting the foregoing, the User is prohibited to disseminate and distribute any of the following:


Any personal information, following which a natural person can be identified, shall be collected, used, or stored, in accordance with the Privacy Policy of Digitalsellz and in accordance with the applicable legal provisions. In case Digitalsellz will find any offensive file like sexual exploitation committed against children, it will be reported to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children's CyberTipline.


For any issues concerning the legitimacy of the Goods, the applicable legal provisions shall apply, and the User shall cooperate and put all reasonable efforts, present responses and any assistance to Digitalsellz, in case of any investigation of the legitimacy of the Goods.


The User agrees that any Goods might be removed from the Site by Digitalsellz at any time at its own discretion in accordance with applicable legal provisions.